Business Development

The inland waterways of the United States not only have capacity to absorb additional movement of freight but also can move it in the most fuel efficient, safe and environmentally responsible manner. The standard barge tow on the river system carries cargo equivalent to 1050 semi-trucks. Barges can move one ton of cargo 576 miles per gallon of fuel compared to rail at 431 miles per gallon and to truck at 155 miles per gallon. Trucks emit 71.6 tons of CO2 per million ton miles, rail emits 26.9 tons and barge towboats 19.3 tons. In regard to safety, for every 1 injury by accident on a barge there are 125.2 injuries by rail and 2,171.5 injuries by truck. The cost for transportation over inland waterways is generally 3 times lower than other modes of transportation, translating into an annual savings of $7 Billion for American business.